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The Worst Passwords of 2013

With all of the data breaches you hear about on the news every evening, it makes you wonder how these things happens. Identity theft is rampant and yet most people fail to perform the most basic steps to protect themselves online.

JotForm.com Shut Down – SOPA in Action?

Apparently, the government doesn’t need to pass SOPA in order to start enforcing the ludicrous concepts embedded within the proposed law. A tweet from tech guru Patrick Norton earlier this morning revealed what can happen when the law no longer protects everyone. A New York tech start-up company called Interlogy operates (or did operate) a [...]

Apheus Launches the New Bourbon Public Library Website

Last Friday, we launched the new website for the Bourbon Public Library. Built on the popular Concrete5 CMS, this website has a number of key features that the library needed in order to effectively communicate with their patrons. Included in the design was a dynamic event calendar system, a photo gallery, and a number of [...]

Apheus Launches the Riverwalk Website

Apheus recently launched the RiverwalkPlymouth.com website for a villa-style community in Plymouth, Indiana. Featuring a photo gallery, community information, floor plans, maps and more, the website will help the Riverwalk neighborhood take off in Plymouth! Located near the founder’s Riverpark neighborhood, Riverwalk is a new community established for residents aged 55 and older. Riverwalk combines [...]

SOPA = Greed

While I’m not an advocate for online piracy, I understand why people illegally download music, videos and software online. Digital media can get quite expensive, especially when consumed in large quantities. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been heavily debated in Congress over the last few weeks with both sides taking heavy stands for [...]

Switch Back to Yahoo Mail Classic – Another Alternative

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how you can switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. Unfortunately, as Yahoo continues to change its methods, its getting harder for  users to switch back to their old mail. Well, for those of you who are having problems, I have an alternative solution that doesn’t involve [...]

AddThis Slowing Down Your Website?

On one of my blogs, I decided to include the AddThis button that allows content sharing across multiple social networking platforms. The problem was that the AddThis button’s javascript base was significantly impacting my website’s performance. After some careful tinkering, I finally discovered that the default bubble counter was the cause of the problem. Simply [...]

How to Fix Firefox – Unable to Download or Save Files

I recently came across a problem with my Firefox browser in which I suddenly could no longer download or save files. Ironically, this was just after I installed AVG 2012. Obviously, I knew that there was some sort of problem between the two flagship programs on my Windows 7 desktop computer. After scouring the forums, [...]

Netflix, Qwikster and Facebook, Oh My!

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, sent out an email to subscribers earlier this week apologizing for his bungling of the DVD/streaming separation in pricing earlier this summer. Which was quickly followed by yet another bungling… the introduction of Qwikster. I never did subscribe to the DVDs-by-mail, but have definitely been a fan of the [...]

Barter for Website Design?

Yep, you read correctly. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about actively promoting barter as a method of payment for my website design services. My brother does it all the time via Craigslist, so I thought, “Why not?” But, I’m sure there are still plenty of people asking the other question, “Why?” Barter has been [...]