Apple Wallet is Underappreciated

I’ve learned to love Apple Wallet over the last several months. Combined with my Apple Watch, it’s a powerful duo that is really becoming an indispensable part of my daily activities.

I have to admit that I really learned to love Apple Wallet when I took my trip to Florida this past June. When I went to Disney World, I used my Apple Watch and the Wallet almost exclusively. I can’t say that the experience was without its minor problems, but it was still very useful. Disney created the Disney MagicMobile Pass that replaces the Magic Band by using your Apple Watch and Wallet instead. For the most part, it worked well.

But I’ve also found other ways to use my Wallet in combination with my Apple Watch. I use it all the time to make purchases large and small. It’s a convenience I’ve learned to use at the gas station, grocery store, the dollar store, and anywhere else where Apple Pay is accepted. I’m a little disappointed that places like Walmart and Lowe’s don’t accept Apple Pay. I’m sure it has something to do with their bottom lines.

In addition to making purchases, I’m also now using my Apple Wallet for things like my auto insurance cards. I can’t tell you how many tells I’ve misplaced my cards, forcing me to request a new copy from my insurance agent. You would think that simply stuffing the cards in the glovebox with the rest of my junk paperwork would be easy. Now that I have my proof of insurance in my Apple Wallet, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Hooray!

And while I’m not a frequent flyer by any means, having your boarding pass attached to your Apple Wallet is definitely a time saver. Let’s face it, we all carry our phones. Fumbling through a stack of paperwork at the airport isn’t exactly what I would consider a good time.

The sad truth is that not everybody uses their Apple Wallet. A recent survey concluded that only around 6.1% of users who have access to the feature actually use it. I find that low number quite shocking. I’m not sure if people are intimidated by the feature or if they just don’t understand how it is used. It could also be that people don’t trust the technology.

I understand the reluctance to trust technology. I work with technology and its users on a daily basis. Security is always a concern, but I trust Apple. I think their level of security is serious and trustworthy.