Switch Back to Yahoo Mail Classic – Another Alternative

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how you can switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. Unfortunately, as Yahoo continues to change its methods, its getting harder for  users to switch back to their old mail. Well, for those of you who are having problems, I have an alternative solution that doesn’t involve changing screen resolutions.

For users of Firefox, you can install an add-on called “User Agent Switcher“. It’s a free add-on and will help you switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic in a round-about way. It changes the user agent of your browser, thereby tricking the web server into thinking that you’re using a different browser than you actually are. If you follow these steps, you should be able to switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic and enjoy all of the old features that you’re familiar with.

1. Install the User Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher is a free add-on for Firefox that you can install once and then uninstall it once you’ve finished switching back to Yahoo Mail Classic. Download it here and restart your browser once it’s installed.

IMPORTANT: You don’t need the User Agent Switcher add-on once you’ve completed these steps, you will have browser compatibility issues if you don’t uninstall or disable the add-on after you’ve switched back to Yahoo Mail Classic.

2. Switch the User Agent

Under the Tools menu, you should now see a menu option called “Default User Agent”. Select Default User Agent > Internet Explorer > Internet Explorer 6. If you can’t find the Tools menu, click “ALT + T” on your keyboard and it should appear. You can also right-click near the top of your browser window and select “Menu Bar” to get the Tools menu to show up, but ALT + T seems to do the trick quite nicely.

Tools Menu

3. Navigate to Yahoo Mail

Open a new tab and type http://mail.yahoo.com/ into the URL address bar (or click the link to the left). Type in your username and password as you normally would. After you click sign-in, you should be taken to an error screen. The Yahoo server now thinks that you’re using an outdated browser (in this case, Internet Explorer 6). Find the link that says “Return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail” and left-click on the link.

Yahoo Mail Error Screen

Now you have set your Yahoo Mail preferences to Yahoo Mail Classic. The Yahoo Mail Classic option should now be the default across all of your computers and browsers. I recommend uninstalling the User Agent Switcher add-on, since you hopefully won’t need it in the future for this little trick (so long as you don’t click “Get the newest Yahoo! Mail” or a similar link. In the least, you need to set your User Agent back to the default setting.

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  2. Bonna Bosco says:

    i would like you to change me back to yahoo mail classic

    • Bob Barcus says:

      Follow the steps above and you should be able to do that on your own.

      • Martin says:

        Excellent .
        Permanently gets rid of the new slow piece of shit that Yahoo have tried to promote inspite of everyone leaving.
        Many thanks,

        • Bonnie says:

          Hello this is 6/20/2013,I have used the Switch Agent, also tried the resolution trick, and nothing has worked. I wish i never had changed this piece of crap,because now i'm thinking of just using my gmail. If you have any other ideas please let me know,but I think i'm screwed. Thanks for listening, cruise4085

    • mak says:

      thanks a lot i;m trying many time for change my yahoo mail in classic view
      but your trick is need to very very useful…….

  3. Curt says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! Want my firstborn? He's a lil long in the tooth now and eats like a horse, but he knows how to use a rake. Can cook a little.

  4. bhushano7 says:

    Hello Friends ,

    Just Visit Below Link You Will Surely Get Your Answer.

  5. Rose Marie Trombly says:

    I have IE and would like to know how to keep my yahoo classic mail. It has option on the right, I click it and it comes back on. But when I click my email again the new yahoo mail comes on and then I have to click the option again to get it back. Where can I save it so I dont have to keep clicking option Thank you

  6. malik says:

    This works great…thanks much!!!

  7. Rhyscurrency says:

    SOB…! you are the Master..! thanks a lot, I was sick of that new “look” of yahoo mail!

  8. i have never used Yahoo email, dont know why, but I think I will do from now… looks good, thanks for sharing info

  9. sbj1964 says:

    +1×10 merry X-mas.

  10. Slautterback says:

    That doesn't work anymore.

  11. imabbu says:

    wow! great, I am happy now. Actually it was jerk with the latest yahoo view. I got what I wanted. Thanks

  12. @joeyalizio says:

    Hey! This Is How You Switch Back To Yahoo! Classic Mail..
    Mozilla FireFox..
    ThiS Is Easy And Fun…
    ToolS.. OptionS.. Content..
    Disable Javascript..
    Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email..
    Refresh The Page..
    Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail..
    That You Love The Most!

    Go Back!
    Don't Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

  13. Werner Moecke says:

    Hi yes this is a new way to do it – and it still works (doing it via disabling js or changing the screen resolution no longer works, I believe the Nazis at Yahoo have done this on purpose).
    But you don't need to install this add-on (I did, and it crashes FF straight away) – If you are on W7, just open XP Mode under Windows Virtual PC menu item, and it should have IE6 there. Same thing.

  14. Panagiotis says:


    This is an interesting post, I have always loved the simplicity of Yahoo, its been fifteen years now.


  15. tzigi says:

    It's a shame I didn't find your website earlier and had to bear with this horrible new layout. You're awesome :) Thanks an enormous lot!

  16. ali says:

    need alternative to yahoo mail as they spy too much on my browsing and my emails, which is terrible and also slows down my service.

  17. I savor, result in I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

    • deb says:

      Today is 12/14/12. This link worked great for changing back from the change yahoo made this week. THANKS SO MUCH. Now….how do I make stay? Or will it automatically from now on?

  18. Alex says:

    I got a (Temporary Error 2)

  19. mary says:

    huw do i go back to yahoomail classic i hate this new yahoo i dont have mobile on here where i can text mobile now

  20. Jan says:


    Log in using the link above – it is a login for Yahoo Classic. I tried all the messing around suggested by various people to try to get back to Yahoo Classic but nothing worked until I used this link.

    • zuma says:

      Thank you so much, i have goggle and its hard to find the main options for it, so this site works better, I do love my classic mail better.. ;)

  21. anonimouse says:

    thanks for that i hate the new mail. unfortunately if you change any options it dumps you back in the new version :(

  22. Masha says:

    it worked. Thank you very much for your time to posting these steps …Genius!!!

  23. pamela says:

    does not work

  24. cigargeorge says:

    worked for me…..thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. iaintt says:

    Unfortunately, left clicking on the "Return to a previous version of BT Yahoo! Mail" no longer seems to do anything. Looks like Yahoo got wise to this manoever. 02/03/2013

  26. Johnna Davis says:

    A few days ago I noticed that I can go to my mail screen, but emails won't open. When I click on an email it just says "Loading" at the top of the screen. The only way I can view my emails now is by using the awful new Yahoo! email. Anyone have any ideas as to why this has happened and how I might fix it?

  27. Mary says:

    None of the above steps or links work any longer unfortunately. I have used them all over the last year or two but now none of these methods or links will take me back to Yahoo Mail Classic. So it looks like for me as of 6/17/13 I am stuck with the new Yahoo……………….unless someone has something new that will work.

  28. panin29 says:

    It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to use a user agent to switch back to yahoo classic with because once you switch back Yahoo will no longer let you upgrade to the newer version. You're stuck, at least on that mail account, with yahoo classic. This happened to me. I did the old user agent trick, got yahoo classic back, and absolutely HATED it. It's so awkward and clunky. And now I can't upgrade. The yahoo link doesn't work and every single one of several dozen fixes I tried didn't work. I'm totally screwed. This is largely yahoo's stupidity–it's "set" my account as a classic account permanently, so don't bank on every being able to upgrade after you switch. :-(

  29. Ashley says:

    Worked great for me! Thank you so much! I really hated the newer version of yahoo mail!!

  30. Marlene says:

    It's a shame that people are having to circumvent the system!! Why doesn't yahoo switch back? It's apparent that the majority of users are totally dissatisfied with this new complicated version!!

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