How to Disable AVG Safe Search in Firefox

AVG 8 was recently released and it contains a lot of neat features that many users will find useful. One of those features is AVG AntiVirus Safe Search. This add-on for Firefox is inteded to help users safely stay away from websites that have been identified as potentially harmful. Unfortunately, some users may find the Safe Search feature annoying when using search engine websites such as Google or Yahoo. Some people have complained that AVG Safe Search causes Firefox to crash or perform slowly.

I tested AVG Safe Search on two different computer systems running Windows XP connected to a broadband internet connection. I had no problems except for a slight delay when loading the pages in Google and Yahoo as the AVG Safe Search examined the links on the search results pages. In the end, I decided to disable AVG Safe Search after the test period was over. This article will describe how to disable AVG Safe Search in Mozilla Firefox 2.0.

AVG and Firefox Software Versions

When describing this article, we’ll be using AVG AntiVirus 8.0 and Firefox 2.0 on PC running Windows XP. The steps should be very similar regardless of which software versions you have installed. AVG AntiVirus and Firefox are both available as free downloads by visiting the links on our downloads page.

How to Disable AVG Safe Search in Firefox

  1. Open a Firebox browser window by double-clicking the Firefox icon on your desktop or by selecting Firefox from the Windows Start Menu:
  2. Start > Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Mozilla Firefox
  3. Find the “Tools” menu at the top of the browser window and select “Add-ons”.
  4. Click on the “Extensions” icon to make sure you’re in the correct option menu.
  5. Locate “AVG Safe Search” and click on the containing line to highlight and select the add-on.
  6. Click the “Disable” button and close the Add-ons window.
  7. Close down any Firefox windows you may have open.
  8. That’s It – You’re Done!

After you restart Firefox, you should notice that the AVG Safe Search icons have now disappeared from your links in Google and Yahoo.

34 Responses to “How to Disable AVG Safe Search in Firefox”

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  2. Brishen says:

    Thanks for this discussion of AVG. I've had some problems when looking for websites with art and drawings in high-res files. I thought it was obvious that the size of the files was slowing the loading of the pages, but I disabled the safe search and things have sped up well enough to keep me happy.
    I didn't go through the start menu, though. The latest Firefox lets you do all this by going straight to "add-ons" in the Firefox menu.

  3. SheilaP says:

    That would help if AVG "safe search" came up in the add-ons window!!! I does not even show there. I know what I am doing and this infuriating and hostile add-on makes me want to find another browser. Come on Firefox!!!!!!

    • Patrick says:

      yes I have the same problem and it's absolutely infuriating!

    • funtasy says:

      Same here and that is the reason it will go though I like AVG otherwise. The search is noticeably slower (as in ´I did notice´:) and it invalidates my direct search through addressbar (eg "i flower" in address bar to search google images for ´flower´ or "w santa" to search wikipedia for ´santa´). And who was it to decide I need safe search of any kind implied on me? :-/

  4. George says:

    There is a new way! AVG got trickier; check this.

    Open Mozilla

    Type 'about:config' in the location bar.

    Press enter.

    Agree to go forward.

    Type 'keyword' in at the top.

    Right click 'keyword.URL'.

    Click Reset to change it back to google.


  5. Iain says:

    Done it. I found these instructions on Google Support Forum.… Life is back to normal and my searchs have speeded up again.

  6. yarlac says:

    this did not work. When I type into Google. some item and follow with sale. I get completely different results because even though I use the Google search in the toolbar for some reason I do not get the correct results until I specifically open Google Search Page. Then it works correctly.
    Is there some way to get AVG Internet Security to leave my searching procedure alone. If not I will uninstall AVG. I feel like it may protect my computer at the cost of being imprisoned by the AVG software.

  7. Tracy says:

    Thanks, George! That worked!!!

  8. orientalcurry says:

    What George suggested didn't work for me, so in the

    Type 'about:config' in the location bar

    I searched for "avg" and found:

    right clicked both and did a Reset

    Now it seems to be working fine.

    • Dave says:

      This last one did it for me

    • Ben says:

      This worked PERFECTLY…Also I DID use your method on the "key" fix above because otherwise instead of searching from the address bar it just brought me to the website I typed in for that value. I rarely use the address bar to search, but when I do…I prefer it to use google ;) Thanks for your fix!!!

    • Tom says:


      This worked for me. I am hugely grateful.

  9. Jerker says:


  10. Jerker says:

    When You click on "Modify" You just add ""

  11. james says:

    It wuct 4 me

  12. thanks for the post admin

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